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The trees are turning, the weather is getting colder in Big Bear Lake!  Looks like we might be getting an early Winter this year!  My bones are telling me it is coming.  I know we still have our Indian summer coming but I feel it will be a short one.  I am ready to decorate my home with all the fall colors and all the wonderful smells.  The clouds are making the blue sky look sharper.  I know that school has started, but wouldn't you want to come up to our Big Bear resort town and spend some time before the snow comes?  Come smell the crisp clean air!  Interest rates are steady as of right now, but who knows in the next few months.  Prices have dropped a bit so right now will be a great time to come look for a vacation home in Big Bear.  Imagine yourself in a nice cozy cabin, with the fireplace going, snow falling, crisp cold air and smells of cookies, pies and comfort food all around.  Family all snuggled in and enjoying each others company instead of the coldness of the tech devices we have every minute of every day!  I want to help each and every one of you find the peace the love and the comfort of your Big Bear mountain cabin. With the feel that is coming over our mountain community, Snow Summit and Bear Mountain Ski resorts are gearing up for a wonderful ski season!   Call me and I will help you find your Big Bear Real Estate cabin happy place!  909-856-2518