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Just look at the beautiful colors of our area!  Big Bear Mountain is amazing this time of the year.  Every where you drive in the mountain community the trees are showing their glory this year for sure.  The ski resorts are getting ready for a banner year!  At least I am hoping that it will be a banner year.  We all need to see our Big Bear Lake fill up, so next year not only will you have a place to hike but more room on our lake to play.  Bear Mountain and Snow Summit Ski Resorts are a destination that you will want to look into.  Great family fun and what a better place to be during the holidays. Big Bear Lake Village is a sight to behold.  So quaint and so welcoming with fire pits to stay warm, lots of shops and so many good restaurants. I have live almost all my life in the Big Bear Valley, and I can not be prouder of what we have become up here.  I love being a Realtor and getting to help so many purchase homes that will bring so many memories to their friends and families. Halloween is just around the corner and do we have a fun time up here.  The Big Bear Village closes its streets to traffic, the stores are passing out goodies and people, young and old, are milling all around enjoying the festivities and the family fun of trick or treating.  So, question is.... Why are you not here in Big Bear?  Come visit and come and get your mountain retreat before rates go up.  Prices are still good right now.  I would love to be able to find your home so you can start your memories here in the Mountains of San Bernardino.  

You know were to find me!  If not here is a hint!

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